Monday, 10 March 2014

My Own Succession Footprint

Since my last post I have had some fabulous family business conversations with a few blog browsers, and recently updated my speaking engagements and book list. As I write tonight, I am full of extra excitement because my very own succession planning has already begun, and is about to get serious.

How serious? just a few short weeks I will welcome a mini-me to the world! This means that a new little potential successor is already on the radar ~ it also means that I will have a completely different focus occupying my world (and brain space) for the next few months.

Extra exciting is that at only a few months old, the little one will attend his/her first family business conference on May 21-23 in Vancouver, BC where I will be speaking about 'Thriving in the Age of Awesome: The Coach-Approach to Opportunity Hunting". Just click on the link to your right under NIKI SPEAKS for the session overview.

This is a DO-NOT-MISS event: The ONLY family business conference in Canada, with a special line-up of fantastic key notes and practical workshops to help your family and business succeed. Nobody does it better than CAFE (Canadian Association of Family Enterprise) and as a West Coaster myself I am a little biased when I say that Vancouver is definitely the best location!

Tune in to the local CAFE Vancouver Island Facebook page for great events and happenings

Hope to see you @ the meantime send me a note or give me a call to talk fambiz anytime.


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