Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Emotions of Succession

Good to know we are talking about the human 'being' side of succession...and not just the human 'doing'.

Check out this recent article in The Vancouver Sun on the emotional aspects of selling your business.

UPDATE: Sadly their link no longer works and I cannot find the article anymore. I encourage you to browse The Vancouver Sun anyway for succession and family business related topics.

Nexus & The Next Generation

Although just shy of September, I am calling this my Ode to Autumn blog post.

Why Ode?

Well, there is some serious appreciation and recognition needing to go out to some seriously superb next generation superstars.

Recently I came across two fabulous blogs from colleagues of mine:

Christin Cardone McClave, aka FamilyBizChick, has an excellent and intimate blog about her own family business experience and the lessons she's learned.

Carmen Lence Ferreiro, from NextGen Consulting & Coaching, also has a rockin' blog about empowering the next generation of leaders.

These ladies are furthering the family business field and empowering next generation leaders around the world by stepping up to the plate themselves and sharing their stories. Kudos to you!

In addition to the great work these ladies are doing, I need to send a heartfelt thank you to the cohort of learners (you know who you are) at the Bachelor of Arts in Human Development program. We spent a week together in the Bavarian Alps and they did a simply amazing job of coaching me on social media ideas to take my business to the next level. In fact, this blog posting is mostly inspired by YOU!

Why Autumn? 

Well, even though it doesn't feel like summer is over yet, the leaves are falling and nature is preparing itself for a new season...a good reminder that sometimes it's best to shed what we no longer need and gear up for what's coming. 

Christin and Carmen have inspiring words to help us along our way, and if you need some coaching, I can gladly hook you up!

So ask yourself:

"What is it really time to let go of, so I can make room for something new?"

"What would I gain if I could embrace the unknown that is waiting for me around the corner?"