Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Balancing Life as the CEO ~ Chief Emotional Officer

The K2 Top 10 to Manage Life as the CEO

Whether you're an entrepreneur or work with your family in the business, your family is affected by your work-life balance, especially when you're the CEO of your business and your family!

Here are the Kux-Kardos Top 10 for balancing life as the Chief Emotional Officer of your Family & Business.

What are your top 2 that help you through..and the top 2 it’s time to review?

10. Fun with Friends. Have good wine on hand and friends to drink it with…you need lots of parties and laughter to burn off steam!

9. Progress vs. Perfection. Realize and remember that you don't have to do it ALL perfectly. As hard as it is, ask for help.  Around the house for example…train your spouse and kids early on that housework is a given not a chore. If all else fails, get a housecleaner!

8. Business = People. Remember that most people in business are the same as you...and have a family at home they need to take care of too. They'll understand  your bind (hopefully) and at times it can break the ice and create a "connection”.

7. Plan Ahead. Put the same thought and attention into family matters and goals as you do for your business. Identifying all of the issues and figuring out how to deal with them before you go ahead will cut a lot of conflict later.

6. Clarify Expectations. Find out every family member’s expectations on everything from finances to time to sacrifices to priorities. Let your family know how much support you will need from each other. The clearer the expectations are, the more understanding and support there will be.

5. Keep Communicating. Communication is key every step of the way. Hold regular family meetings, especially with spouses and older children. This creates an environment where families can make decisions collaboratively and you can recognize and appreciate everyone’s contributions and support.

4. Be Enthusiastic. Talk enthusiastically about how your family can be involved. At the dinnertime sit-downs, rather than focusing only on the challenges and stresses, talk up the pluses of entrepreneurship as well.

3. Bathe Regularly. Don't consider a shower a "treat to yourself”!…If that is your only “you” time, take a look at how well you’re nurturing yourself.

2. Keep Calm & Carry On. Make fun of yourself! The moment you get snarly, it’s time to step back, have a chuckle and remember that life is too short to take so seriously. It’s a good time to go back to #10.

1. Family First. Let nothing come between you and your family. EVER. Business is temporary. Family is forever.

To all the Chief Emotional Officers keeping both our families & businesses together!

Take a look at this family's pact:

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

GET REAL: Communication & Conflict Management in the Family Business

It's here!

Since going to my first conflict management course in 2003 while we were going through our succession struggles, I have dreamt about creating a customized course series especially designed for families in business.

GET REAL is just that - if you are directly or indirectly involved in your family business, this is your stop for learning how to communicate through conflict and get to solutions that work for relationships that matter. Click the link below to find out more and to register:

GET REAL: Certificate in Family Business Communication & Conflict Management

Courses run in Edmonton, AB and Victoria, BC this March.

Call me at 250 891 4330 if you have any questions!