Saturday, 28 January 2012

The UFC Championships - Coming soon!

Alright, I must admit...I'm not a huge fan. In fact, I don't watch UFC at all - and it's not what you think it is.

When it comes to family business, UFC Championships stands for:

The Ultimate Family Communicator Championships!

So who will it be in your family?

Get the training you need with the NEW Get Real Series - A Certificate Program for Family Businesses in Conflict Management & Communication 

Learn what you need to know to manage family business dynamics in a productive way and the skills you need to get you there. 

Email me at to find out more...or check back here often for the official launch in February!

You Don't Want to Miss This...

1. Are you running family business meetings and not quite getting to where you want to go? Whether you are a family business advisor or member, this course will equip you with facilitation skills to not only navigate through family business dynamics, but also set up a governance structure to get the most out of your family business meetings.

March 5-8 in Vancouver: CAFE Family Council Facilitation Course

I've taken it myself and can work with you to set up your own Family Council, then train and coach you to become your family's facilitator.

On a personal note, my sister and I took the course together and are now equipped to handle our own family meetings!

2. If you are a family business, get ready for the most intimate, influential personal and professional growth experience:

May 23-25 in Ottawa: The CAFE Symposium 2012

Shared experience, inspiring speakers, and interactive workshops leave you with the knowledge you need, the skills to get you there, and the people to support you along the way.

All generations welcome!

See you there in May...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Leadership Excellence for the Top Dog

Leadership style no doubt has a significant influence on the effectiveness and success of your business. So what kind of animal are you?

This Globe & Mail article has a few ideas!

Join the new Tradition!

Do you work with your family in the business, or do you work for a family business? If so:

Come out for the new CAFE VI tradition in Victoria, BC: NextGen Socials!

On Feb. 24th at 8pm find us at: Bard & Banker Pub

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I love talking about family business anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Here's where I've been so far this year:

Feb. 27 in Victoria, BC -  Roaring Women: Life as the CEO ~ Chief Emotional Officer
Mar. 22 in Edmonton, AB - University of Alberta: Communication in the Family Business
Mar. 29 Webinar - CAFE: Stepping Up. How to Survive as the Apprentice in your Family Firm
May 1 in Munich, GER - Who's the Mentor Now? Keys to Effective Intergenerational Communication
May 31 in Victoria, BC - BDC: Mind over Matter. Mastering the Emotional Undercurrents of Exiting your Business
June 9 in Nanaimo, BC - MNP: Bridging the Succession Gap. What Business Buyers Need to Know

    Balancing Family & Business

    Whether you work with family in a business, or you are an entrepreneur working from home, mixing family and business is no easy task. Check out my featured tips.

    The Globe & Mail:
    All in the Family
    Entrepreneurship: It's a Family Affair